more than 80 attractions en sites in a radius of 30 kilometer

Adventure bicycle rides

Across the whole Eifel region are dozens adventure bicycle tours created. There are nine tours over previous traintracks and four tours alongside the river who are relatively flat. But also five thematic bicycle paths over the vulcan. Of course also die-hard mountainbikers can go wild in the large forests of the Eifel.

Eifelpark Gondorf

Eifelpark Gondorf offers a unique combination of a zoo and an amusement park. Walk thru the wide wild lanes to see the bears, wolves, lynxs, parrots, dwarfs, kangaroos and lots of other wildlife up close.

The centerpoint of all attractions is the enormous toboggan slide with a length of almost 1000 metres. In the new theme area ‘Building site’ you’ll find an interactive playground with electric diggers for kids.

Station Pronsfeld

The old trainstation Pronsfeld is converted to a railroad museum. At the station is a permanent exhibition with a piece of traintrack, a old locomotive and information signs about the history of the railroad. Nice and interesting to visit when you’re in the neighbourhood.

From this site you may take one of the beautiful walking- or  routes. The Eifel Ardennen Bicycle route is passing. This route is a absolute must do.

Dinosaur Park Teufelsschlucht

Two kilometers through 620 million years!

In the Dinosaur Park you embark on an expedition through 620 million years of geological history and follow the development of life from geological age to geological age. The journey begins 420 million years ago in Devonian and ends 200 million years in the future. The focus is on the stars of prehistoric times, the dinosaurs!

Rock climbing

The climbing-area near Ettringen is situated in the basalt quarry between Ettringen and Kottenheim, at the base of the Hochsimmer. The volcanic stones offers a variety of  cracks, edges and cleaves. there are more than 900 climbing routes possible.

Church Eschfeld

In the little village Eschfeld, on the border of Germany and Luxembourg, stands a special church, build in neo-gotic style and dates from the previous century (1872). The interieur is fully painted. You can see scenes and figures of the bible and church history. The church is open all year round.

There is a lot to do, see and explore in the surroundings of the campsite. To much to mention them all, therefore we made a selection out of more than 80 attractions en sites in a radius of 30 kilometer round the campsite (and a few a bit further away). In short: there’s something for everyone!


A fantastic walking-route is thru the Butzerbachtal. A small river with waterfalls and suspension bridges takes you to Pützlöcher, a former Roman copper mine. Also the ruin Burg Ramstein and panoramic view Hochburg are on this route.


Eifel-zoo in Lünebach is a private zoo with more than 400 animals from all over the world. Also you can visit a miniature village and take a ride on a historic steam train. Lots of art, jewellery and remains are on display in this zoo.


The famous Nürburgring is not around the corner, but for the real racefan worth the trip. Because which circuit allows you to race in your own car or motorcycle to try to beat the track record? When your car is to slow, you may hire a VW Scirocco Cup+, you’ll leave everybody eating your dust at the 5 km long circuit.

Canoeing and Rafting

Fun for who is not afraid for a splash of water. For daredevils (who can swim) you can ride the river ‘Sûre’ with a canoe or kayak. At Dillingen (L) are different routes available. They will take care of paddles and life jacket, you only have to take care of your nerves!

The suggestions on this page is just a very small part of the enormous offering of attractions, art, culture, nature and everything the Eifel has to offer.


We would like to inform you more and you’ll find a lot of folders and lecture for your holiday.


Of course at the campsite there’s enough to do. Or take a walk thru the surroundings, you can walk directly into a large forest area.


Our campsite has special neighbors, on top of the hill next to the campsite is a glider-airport located. For a small amount you can fly on weekends and enjoy a fantastic view. Now you can see your tent or caravan from above…

Beer brewery

See, hear, feal, smell, taste. Beer brewery Bitburg invites you to experience the brewery from up close with all your senses. In the renovated buildings of the historic brewery the brand and his history lives on 1700 square meters.

Beaufort castle

The medieval caste of  Beaufort is build in different periods between the year 1150 and 1650. The new owners rebuild the castle and the neglected 300 year old ruins. After a massive rebuild the ruins openend for general public in 1932. Don’t forget to visit the renaissance chateau.


In the neighbourhood of the campsite are multiple golfcourses. The closest is Golf Resort Bitburger land. This 18-holes golfcourse is beautiful landscaped and of course accessible for guest players. There’s a nice terrace and you can get a bite/drink at the clubhouse.

Mount Royal

Anyone who is in control of their fear of heights can test it in this high-wire adventure world. There are around 20 different routes, with more than 230 challenges for the beginner and the advanced climber. There is also a zip line track with a length of 1500 meters.


Wander around in this large park with a lot of ponds and be amazed when you see the artful insects like bees, dragonflies, butterflies and spiders. Hubert Kruft mastered the craft of his father, a blacksmith who works in the old village forgery, now open for the general public.


The Eifel region is a paradise for bikers. The endless network of small bendy roads thru forests and open spaces, along rivers, creeks and storage reservoirs is suitable for beginning and experience bikers. Camping Drei Spatzen was a bikers campsite in a previous life, so bikers are more than welcome.